Current Projects

  • Web-based reddit client
  • The idea behind the site is to have new reddit submissions arrive at the top of a feed so reddit can be consumed like Twitter.
  • Another feature of the site is being able to consume reddit anonymously.
  • Future plans: customizable profiles using a query parameter, advanced filtering, and ability to anonymously consume twitter feeds

Live Stream DVR w/ Synchronized Video Player

  • This program will poll and check if a broadcaster is currently broadcasting. If the broadcast is live, the user has the option to output the stream to a file, VLC, or both. The corresponding stream chat can also be displayed and recorded. This allows the user to playback the stream and chat at a later time as if the stream was live.
  • The video player will play two files at the same time (side-by-side). The files will by synchronized; this means that any seeking, jumping, playback rate changes, or pausing will be applied to both video files. 

Other Apps

  1. Simple Song Changer
    Windows Phone app I made to make it easier to change songs while driving.
  2. Digitial Internet Audio Recorder
    Attempts to record an audio stream during a specified timespan. Uses the library.
  3. Simple TTS (Text-to-Speech) app for Windows
    Simple text-to-speech program for windows. Adjustable read rate and voice.